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Visit Traditional Games, Master Games, or BBC Guide for background information on skittles.

Skittles in Yarcombe was first organised by John and Ralph Salter and more recently run by Jon Stockwell.   Unfortunately, owing largely to COVID-19, all Yarcombe Skittles activity is suspended with the future in doubt as Jon is scheduled to move away from Yarcombe on 21st May 2021.

The season usually spans from September to April and is contested between teams of typically six or seven players.   The number of teams varies according to the total number of participants.

For the past few seasons, owing to the Yarcombe Inn closure, matches have been played on a Tuesday at either The Sidmouth Arms in Upottery or The Cotley Inn at Wambrook.   On the main Skittles page, fixtures are colour coded to indicate where matches are to be played.   It is hoped that matches will revert to The Yarcombe Inn very soon!  

Each team has a Captain who is responsible for the administration of his team (see guide below).


Captains' Guide

  1. Preparation.   Existing Captains are asked to inform the Organiser of any dropouts from last season's teams or of any new players who wish to join.

  2. Team Draw.   Organiser and Captains meet pre-season, usually in July or August, at the Yarcombe Inn or a venue suggested by the organiser.   Captains are allocated a team number before randomly drawing names to assemble their team.   Names are sometimes grouped together by request, for example husband/wife or for convenience of travel etc.

  3. Contact Details.   Existing Captains should have previous players' contact information which can be exchanged as appropriate, either on Team Draw Night or shortly after.   Captains should ensure the Organiser is aware of their own contact details, preferably both email address and phone number.

  4. Fixtures List.   The Organiser will produce the Team and Fixtures list in the days following Team Draw Night and pass to the Captains.   Captains should then distribute these to their players and ascertain whether they are available for the first match.   At Captains' discretion, some players, for example those without email addresses, may be given their lists on the night of the first match they are able to play.   Note that team and fixture lists can be downloaded from this and other pages of the skittles section on the village website by players and captains alike.

  5. Match Start Times.   Matches should start between 8:30pm and 8:45pm to avoid the evening's event extending past closing time, as can easily happen when food is ordered.   If a Captain is unable to arrive on time owing to work commitments, could they please assist by asking their team to begin the match in his/her absence.

  6. Substitutes.   When players are unable to make a match, the Captain should attempt to arrange for a substitute to play.   A Reserve list is provided on the Team List to assist the Captain in this task, although it is also acceptable to invite friends, relations and acquaintances, etc.

  7. Food Orders.   The venue may or may not be able to offer food on match nights - the Organiser will inform Captains at the start of the season.   If food is on offer the Captain should place an order for the appropriate number of meals for his team as early as possible.

  8. Scoring on Match Nights.   Players' scores must be accurately recorded on the blackboard (if present) on match nights, preferably by the Captain, or failing that, by a delegated player.

  9. Match Result.   The Captain should calculate total scores for his players and team and agree the result with the opposing Captain before recording the result on the Notice Board in the Yarcombe Inn Skittles Alley, if appropriate.      Captains should inform the Organiser and the Yarcombe Website Administrator of the result as soon as possible.

  10. Highest Individual Score.   If any player has beaten the highest individual score, the player's name and score should be recorded on the Notice Board or passed to the Organiserand/or the Yarcombe Website Administrator.

  11. Record Players' Scores.   Players' scores should be recorded by the Captains throughout the season so that players can be put forward for end-of-season competitions as appropriate.

  12. Fee Collection and Distribution.   Fees are detailed on the Fixtures List and will vary depending on whether food has been provided.   The Captain should ensure that he/she, or a delegated helper, collects the appropriate fees, pays the sticker-uppers, pays the pub fee (if any) and any food costs to the bar staff, and retains the skittles fees until end of season.

  13. Players' End-of-Season Competitions:   By calculating averages from scores recorded during the season, the Captain should enter players into the Highest Man and Highest Lady competitions to be played on Finals Night.   If the Captain qualifies for one of these he may decide to delegate at his discretion bearing in mind the next point.

  14. Captains' Nomination Match.   Captains are automatically entered into the Captains' Nomination Match on Finals Night.

  15. Accumulated Skittles Fees.   The skittles fees accumulated over the season should be paid to the Organiser - cheques would be preferred.   This is normally required before Finals Night to pay for trophies and prizes.

  16. End of season dinner.   At end of season the Captain usually arranges a meal or get-together with his team and their spouses and/or family.

  17. Changes.   Captains should let the Organiser know of any players who do not wish to play in the following season, or of any new players for next season.


Captains and Players PC Guide

Much of Yarcombe's Skittles information previously available by word of mouth or on paper is now accessible on your PC.

  • The Village Website.   Yarcombe.Net has a Skittles section on which can be found team, stickers-up and substitute lists, fees, fixtures, results, league tables, knockout competition progress, previous winners' lists and guides for captains and players.   This will be kept up to date with results throughout the season.

  • Scoring Spreadsheet.   Captains (or enthusiastic players!) with moderate computer skills may download an Excel spreadsheet which has been developed over the past few seasons.   Its main purpose is to record players' scores over league and knockout matches and to calculate rankings and averages, which may then be used for Finals Night competition selection.   It also provides a printed record which players may wish to keep and gaze at with enormous pride and nostalgia over the following years, or use to light tomorrow's fire.   You can download this spreadsheet, or for assistance in its use, click here.

  • Fixtures Spreadsheet.   A copy of the fixtures can be downloaded here.

  • Teams List.   A list of the teams can be downloaded here.


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