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Skittles Hall of Fame

  Skittles   Hall of Fame   Info  
  Captains' Cup League Winners League Runners Up KO Cup Winners Highest Man Highest Lady Winning Pairs Top Scorer Killer Winner
2018 Phil Jeffery Nigel Jenkins Mike Dyer Mike Dyer Terry Copp Jackie Pearse Terry/Mary Copp David Pearse Peter Tarrant
2017 Paul Barnacle Paul Barnacle Nigel Jenkins Andrew Munt Tom Retter Jan Johnson Peter/Jenny Tarrant Paul Barnacle  
2016 Nigel Jenkins Nigel Jenkins Andrew Munt Andrew Munt Peter Tarrant Clair Cottrell Rob Quick/Clair Cottrell Geoff Quick  
2015 Paul Barnacle Mike Dyer Phil Jeffery Nick Copp Peter Tarrant Anna Drew Mike Dyer/Jackie Gage Mervyn Woolcott  
2014 Peter Tarrant Andrew Munt James Booker Andrew Munt Bruce Ingliss Robyn Jeffery Terry/Mary Copp Peter Tarrant  
2013 Paul Barnacle Phil Jeffery Mike Dyer Phil Jeffery Ian Rich Di Doble Phil/Robyn Jeffery Robyn Jeffery  
2012 Phil Jeffery Anna Podbery Jon Stockwell Elaine Munt Matt Morgan Robyn Jeffery Phil/Robyn Jeffery Paul King  
2011 Mike Dyer Steve Waplington Elaine Munt Steve Waplington Bruce Ingliss Pam Foxwell W Dyer, G King Bruce Ingliss  
2010 Peter Tarrant Peter Tarrant Andrew Chick Paul Barnacle Andrew Chick Mary Smith A Chick, L Sutton Steve Waplington  
2009 Paul King Nick Copp Paul King Paul Barnacle Peter Tarrant Mary Copp Andrew/Elaine Munt Geoff Quick  
2008 Paul Barnacle Paul Barnacle Elaine Munt Andrew Chick Des Doble Louise Chick Andrew/Elaine Munt Paul Barnacle  
2007 T Retter Andrew Chick Mervyn Woolcott Munt / Denslow George Pidgeon Nina Retter Andrew/Elaine Munt Daniel Pidgeon  
2006 Andrew Chick Andrew Chick   Andrew Chick J Quick M Smith Andrew/Elaine Munt    
2005 G V Tasker Andrew Chick   Jon Stockwell M Dyer Di Doble   R Gibson  
2004   Roger Bacon   Paul Barnacle G Quick L Sutton   N Phillips  
2003   Paul Barnacle   Reg White G Dear L Dear Terry/Mary Copp L Chick  
2002 G F Lye C Every   G Lye Des Doble Di Doble Geoff/Lorraine Quick G Copp, R Gibson, N Phillips  
2001 R Parris G F Lye   Mike Dyer G Lye L Sutton J Fordham, G Lye G P Barnacle  
2000   Marilyn Lye     S Saunders A Lye A Chick, L Sutton G Wadey  
1999 R White Marilyn Lye     D Bristol D Phillips   I Rich, L Sutton  
1998   Marilyn Lye     G Quick C Parris   G P Barnacle  
1997   N Phillips     C Every Di Doble   D Bristol, R Briant  
1996   M Dyer     C Every M Lye   G Lye  
1995   Lesley Sutton     G Lye J Hedge   A Prince  
1994   M Lye     N Phillips L Sutton   A R Chick  
1993   Marilyn Lye     G Lye Di Doble   M Dyer  
1992   George Pidgeon     R Briant L Sutton   C Symes  
1991   Barbara Baskett     G Lye K Parris   R White  
1990   Henry Derrvan       Di Doble      
1989   Wayne Phillips     D Barnes Di Doble   G Dyer  
1988   R Bryant     R Parris J Ewing   G Phillips  
1987   P Stringer     A Chick Jill Copp   G Dyer  
1986   Lesley Sutton     M Box L Sutton   D Briant  
1985   Mandy Pye     G Phillips M Flack   G Phillips  
1984   P Stringer       L Box   W Newton  
1983   R Parris       J Symes   R Parris  
1982   M Box       P Whyatt   A Ewins  
1981           L Box   K Pawley  
1980           P Cook   D Meyrick  
1979           P Whyatt   N Phillips  
1978           L Berry      
  Skittles   Hall of Fame   Info