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Photograph Index

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Click a link above to see the chosen photograph page here;  click a link below to see photographs on a new page;  or click the red link (left) to see pages sequentially here.        


  Photograph Page 1 Photograph Page 6 Photograph Page 8
  Summer and winter scenes of the village Historical photographs Black and white photos of years gone by
  Terrier Racing and Yarcombe Yomp Snaps   Building of Drakes Meadow and the car park
  Taunton Vale Hunt in Yarcombe Photograph Page 7 Accidents on the A30 at Yarcombe
  Sky views The Millennium Year in Yarcombe: WI celebrations in the village hall car park
  Sheafhayne Manor Open Day - Introduction, including some aerial photography Various Village shots
    - Parish Council,   Parochial Church Council Local cricket team in the mid-1980s
  Photograph Page 2 - Bell Ringers,   Choir,   Reverend John Stone  
  An aerial view of the village - Planting the Millennium Yew Tree,   Win's Stall Photograph Page 9
  Views from the church tower - Mothers'Union,   Terrier Racing More historical black and white photos of the village
    - Baptist Chapel,   Jubilee Hall,   Whist Drives Frank Weeks' experiences at Underdown
  Photograph Page 3 - Flower Show,   Women's Institute  
  Terrier Racing & Flower Show - Postal Services,   Honiton Mobile Library Photograph Page 10
    - School Bus to Stockland, Children's Fund Reserved for Expansion
  Photograph Page 4 - Singing Kids of Yarcombe (SKY)  
  The village and surrounding area - Yarcombe & District Young Farmers' Club  
  Jubilee Tree Planting - Melody Makers,   Amenities Club (YAK)  
  Yarcombe North Shoot - Royal British Legion - Yarcombe & Membury Branch  
    - P3 (Parish Paths Partnership),   Parish Walks  
  Photograph Page 5 - Blackhayes Shooting Party  
  Birds seen locally - Yarcombe & Stockland Firsts & Seconds  


More pictures of Yarcombe can be found here.

If you have any photos you would like to be considered for publication here please send them to The Administrator.

Village or local scenes most welcome, whether recent or historical, including black and white.  


Pages: Index << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >>