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Updated June 2 2017 >>> 1.   Gigaclear and associated road closure
Updated June 6 2017 >>> 2.   The Yarcombe Inn
  3.   Community Hospital Appeal
  4.   Yarcombe's Old Railway Carriage Restored
  5.   Yarcombe's Defibrillator
  6.   Message From Overseas
  7.   Local Service
  8.   Yarcombe Skittles
  9.   Your Wheelie Bin
  10.   Oil Syndicate



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Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

Get fast broadband in the Upottery, Rawridge & Yarcombe area!  

Sign up with Gigaclear!       Contact Erica Stanford NOW!

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Work scheduled to begin June 2017








From FRIDAY 23 JUNE 2017

for a maximum of 5 days

Until FRIDAY 30 JUNE 2017 (both dates inclusive)

No person shall cause or permit any vehicle to proceed or wait on the sections of Affected Roads except for access to land or premises on or adjacent to those length of roads.

Roads affected -



This temporary restriction is considered necessary to enable -


For additional information contact:


Telephone: 0186559100

Dated: FRIDAY 23 JUNE 2017

Meg Booth

Acting Chief Officer of Highways, Infrastructure Development & Waste

Devon Highways

Devon County Council

Lucombe House

County Hall



Ref: TTRO1720794


The Yarcombe Inn                  

Email to join the campaign to save our pub!

June 2017:

Pleased to report that the first step in saving our pub has been successful.   50+ villagers attended the Parish Council meeting on 5th June to give overwhelming support for triggering the option which gives us 6 months to raise finance.   115 people from the village joined the Save The Yarcombe Inn campaign with a further 126 from outside, bringing the total up to 241.   See the Parish Council's statement below:

Following the overwhelming support for The Yarcombe Inn, Yarcombe Parish Council has unanimously decided to give notice to EDDC and the owners of the Yarcombe Inn that it wishes to be regarded as a potential bidder for the property.   We have now invoked the moratorium period of 6 months before sale with EDDC, in order to explore our options for doing so.

We are now urgently asking if anyone in the community would wish to be on the Yarcombe Parish Council Sub-Committee with 3 Councillors to take this forward. Should you be interested, please urgently email your interest and specialisms that you feel will assist the Council members in securing the Yarcombe Inn for our future generations.   Your responses are required please by Monday 12th June to

Additionally, we are aware so may of you have lots of ideas about the Yarcombe Inn and its future we would please urge you to tell us your thoughts as soon as possible as we need to start pulling all these ideas together immediately. We would be hugely grateful if you could email
with any ideas / innovative thoughts, you may have.

May 2017:

STOP PRESS!! The future of THE YARCOMBE INN is in YOUR hands!

Don't miss the Village Meeting on 5th June


The Parish Council has just been informed that The Yarcombe Inn is about to be placed on the market again.   Residents may recall that the Parish Council had applied for the Inn to be registered as an Asset of Community Value, which means that if it comes onto the market the Community has a period of six weeks to decide if it wishes to put together a bid for it and to notify the owners and the District Council of that intention.   If the council does give such notice then the property may not be sold for a period of six months so that the community has time to raise the funding and negotiate a sale if appropriate.

The Parish Council plans to discuss this at its meeting at 8pm on Monday 5th June and to decide whether to invoke the first stage of the process. Clearly this decision depends very much on how strongly Yarcombe and Marsh residents feel about the future of the Yarcombe Inn and whether the council would have general support for an attempt to secure it for the community.   There are ways that funds can be raised for communities to buy their pub but being a significant long-term commitment it is something that needs to be carefully considered.

The Council would like to invite everyone who has an interest in expressing a view about the future of the Yarcombe Inn to come to the meeting so that it can gauge opinion and take the best decision it can on behalf of everyone.   If, for any reason you are unable to attend the meeting but nonetheless wish to express a view please do so by email to the Parish Clerk, Sarah Jane Martin, at


We will keep you updated on developments in Yarcombe Voices, e-voices and here on the Parish website



before the June 5th meeting!


March - April 2017:

No news.

February 2017:

In a hint at complying with the conditions in EDDC's refusal notice, the owners have stated that they will offer the premises up for lease with the intention of allowing any interested party to run the Yarcombe Inn as a public house again.   However, this is some way away from the hoped-for solution of a sale or the employment of a pub manager, and no timetable or details of proposed rent have been revealed.   (Remember the arrangement offered in October 2015 was rejected as the rent and fixed term were considered excessive.)   It was pointed out that this arrangement could now result in zero interest if an unrealistic rent is demanded, allowing the owners to return to the "not viable" stance with EDDC.   A letter will be sent to the owners asking when their plan is likely to be actioned.

January 2017:

The owners have replied after several months.   This will be discussed at the February PC meeting.

October - December 2016:

No news.

September 2016:

The situation at The Yarcombe Inn was a subject brought up at the Parish Council Meeting on 5th September (see point 6 of the September Minutes on the Parish Council web page).   The owners have apparently made no attempt to meet the conditions detailed in the refusal notice and it was agreed to mail them an enquiry from the Parish Council.

June - August 2016:

No news.

May 2016:

The Application to convert the pub into a dwelling has been REFUSED by EDDC.   The developers are expected to appeal and in fact have already revealed in their original application their intentions to resort to other methods to achieve their aims.   The most important point in the refusal notice was that non-viability had not been proven and that an attempt must be made to run the premises as a public house.   Watch this space....

January - April 2016:

The Planning Application remains with EDDC, with no indication of a decision as yet.

December 2015:

The Planning application currently with EDDC has received scant support from locals.   By 19th December the proposal to turn the Inn into a single dwelling had received 30 objections.   Below is a summary and by no means a complete list of the points made:

  1. The Inn is a Grade II Listed building of historical importance and a landmark to travellers and visitors alike.  
  2. An Asset of Community Value certification has been granted by EDDC.   Had this been submitted by the Parish Council at the appropriate time the current situation may not have arisen.   The building has stood for hundreds of years and would not have crumbled to dust just because it hadn't sold for a few months.   This should not have been a consideration in the decision about when to apply for the ACV or whether or not to sell to developers.  
  3. The present owners bought a pub.   It should remain as such.  
  4. Previous owners were refused a similar application for partial conversion to residential status.   Why should this be treated any differently?  
  5. Apart from local trade, just with the number of caravans and holiday lets in the area the potential viability of the pub cannot possibly be ruled out.  
  6. There are already very few facilities in Yarcombe.   The loss of the Inn would be a serious blow to the community.  
  7. The inference that replacing the pub with a house helps the housing shortage is laughable and would not in fact house any additional people at all.  
  8. The current owners did not attempt to run a pub before applying for residential status, proving that they never intended to do so.   After purchasing they stated that the pub was not a viable business.   It is inconceivable that experienced business people, if serious about running a pub, would not have carried out such investigations before purchasing.  
  9. The Parish Council, CAMRA, and Conservation bodies object to the application.  
  10. There are several inaccuracies in the application.   The Community Inn did not fail as claimed.   There is not a regular bus service in Yarcombe, just a weekly shopper's bus to Honiton.   The proximity and usefulness of the pubs in surrounding areas has been overplayed and in one case quotes a pub that has been closed for some time.  
  11. Much of the financial problems encountered in running the pub in recent years can be attributed to the economic climate, plummeting value of public houses in general, inexperienced management and latterly, the reputational damage caused by an unrelated criminal charge which, although dismissed, still had a seriously negative impact on local trade.  
  12. The application is in conflict with the National Planning Policy Framework and both the Existing and Emerging EDDC Development Plan.  
  13. The Agents did not seek the most suitable purchasers and in particular did not consult other under-bidders to see if they would increase their offer.   Why not?  

At the time of writing, all documents and correspondence are available on the EDDC website, although one written by the Agents on the financial aspects and viability of the pub has been withheld.   Bearing in mind the dubious claims elsewhere in the planning application, let's hope residents will be able to challenge the claims in this document if necessary and receive assurance from the council that any such challenge is taken into consideration before a decision is made.

November 2015:

A Planning application has been received at EDDC requesting residential status for the Inn.   Click here to view, or go to the East Devon District Council website and follow the appropriate links.   Please help by sending your objections before the deadline of 12th December 2015:

October 2015:

A public meeting was held in the Village Hall on Friday 23rd October.   The Parish Council notes from this meeting are below:

Following a well attended village meeting on 23 October and from the many comments aired by the attendees and the possible options, two were put to the vote.

The first was to -

‘Negotiate with the Woods to acquire a part of the property which could then be run as a small pub for the village’

Whilst this has been what many people in Yarcombe would like to see as the way forward, the new owners had advised that their basic requirement was a seven year full repairing lease at a yearly rental of £15,000 which was considered excessive.

Due probably to the cost and commitments involved, this option received only six votes.

The second was to –

‘Do our own thing with a ’Pop up Pub’ in the village hall as an interim measure and try and get a contribution from the Woods’

This option was a solution that, with the blessing and support from the village hall committee, would allow a start in a small way in the very near future, with a flexible budget and without a long term financial and legal commitment and allow the venture to develop and grow to suit the village participation. It could also be transferred back into the Yarcombe Inn itself at a future date should this be considered as a viable part of the future of the landmark village building development.

This proposal received some 35 votes.

It was declared that the second proposal was carried and that it was adopted.

The next steps and the way forward –

The sub-committee are to report back to the Parish Council and having undertaken their role, it is not anticipated that they will meet again.

Mervin Edgecombe has volunteered to take up the challenge of making the Pop Up Pub a reality and the current intention is to do this with a small team and Merv is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join him in various capacities and possibly to work towards a Yarcombe Village Hub.

Several ideas have already been put forward since the village meeting and if you have any suggestions please let Merv know.

Also if you are interested in becoming involved, or have particular experience, expertise, talent or contacts, to take this exciting venture forward, please e mail on or ring him on 861 818

All villagers, especially those new to Yarcombe and the ’younger generation’ are most welcome to join in and it is hoped that we can make the Pop Up Pub/Hub a great success and that it may be an interim enterprise if the support and enthusiasm from the village and surrounding homes and businesses could lead to the Yarcombe Inn once again opening as a pub, albeit in a smaller capacity and as part of the new owners other possible business ventures.

September 2015:

The subcommittee reported their findings at the Parish Council meeting at the Village Hall on Monday 7th September.   EDDC have granted the request to make the pub an Asset of Community Value (ACV).   You can download the ACV from the Parish Council page.

August 2015:

Following the public announcement by Mr and Mrs Wood in early July that they intended to apply to East Devon Dist Council to have the Yarcombe Inn premises re-designated to a dwelling status, the Parish Council also applied to the council for the pub to be listed as an Asset of Community Value*.   This is in the process of being considered by their planning officers and a decision will be reached on September 2nd.

In the meantime, the Parish Council also set up a special sub-committee to research and investigate all the ramifications of the Woods’ intended course of action as well as liaise with various organisations, such as CAMRA, and other villages which have or are fighting to save their pubs from extinction.   Once this exercise has been completed and a decision on the ACV received from EDDC, the Parish Council will hold a meeting in September to fix a date for a full village meeting when all aspects of the matter can be discussed and a concerted course of action decided upon.

* Under new planning legislation of April, 2015, if a pub is listed as an Asset of Community Value it then requires full planning permission before it can be either demolished or changed to any other use.   This listing lasts for a maximum of five years.   The listing also gives the community certain rights to be able to put together a formal bid to try and purchase the pub from its current owners.



Message from the new owners of The Yarcombe Inn

July 5th 2015:

We are the new owners and over the last month or so many people have called to say hello and enquire what our plans will be.   We have been exploring the building to establish the full extent of what has to be done to preserve the fabric and there is much work ahead.   It is a large building and not in very good condition having been neglected for many years.   We have taken advice and consulted with various professionals.   Six years ago the then owners recognised that the size of the building made it unviable as a public house and applied for planning permission to use what had been the stables as a dwelling but this was refused by East Devon Council despite being supported by many villagers.    When it was run by the community there must have been a great spirit and sense of achievement and despite all the hard work for all involved, it is a great shame that did not keep going.  The overheads have continued to spiral and we have concluded that it has no future as a pub having failed as a business several times in recent years.   We are instructing agents to apply for permission for use as a dwelling and obviously you will be able to make representations to the Council in due course.   As a half way step it would be possible to use the building as a restaurant/tearooms/gallery as permitted development and neither would we totally rule out leasing the building, but a credible business plan would have to be put to the agents Stonesmiths.

We know this will disappoint many people but if you have reasonable suggestions we will certainly listen.

Peter & Freddie Wood

Community Hospital Appeal

Dear friends,

I just signed the petition "Save Community Hospital Beds in East Devon"  and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.  This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Thank you!

Steve Horner


Yarcombe's Old Railway Carriage Restored

Back in October 2005 two railway carriage bodies arrived at the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, from a property in Yarcombe, where they had formed part of a bungalow named "The Coaches", since about 1935. The carriages were built for the London & South Western Railway (Saloon No.25)and the London, Chatham & Dover Railway (later South Eastern & Chatham Railway No.3188).

Click to enlarge photographs in a new window

The first of these carriage bodies is still stored, awaiting a start on its restoration, but No.3188 is now in public service on the Bluebell Railway after complete restoration and fitting the body to a modified Southern Railway Parcels van underframe.   Over the last 5 years a team of about 20 volunteers in the Bluebell Railway's Carriage & Wagon department have worked each weekend to restore No.3188, which was built in 1897, to the condition it would have been in the early years of the 20th century.   The carriages are now owned by The Bluebell Railway Trust who provided funding for the materials used in the restoration.

On Saturday 18 June 2016 the volunteers who had undertaken the restoration celebrated the completion of the project with a special train,
formed of three carriages hauled by SE&CR locomotive No.592.   All four vehicles were built at Longhedge Works, Battersea.

Dave Clarke's album covers the 5-year restoration of No.3188 in detail, and Alex Morley's album shows more of the special train run on 18 June 2016 to celebrate he completion of No.3188, as also seen in the above photos.

Carriage No.3188 was built by the LCDR as a 6-wheeled 5-compartment third in 1897, had been converted by the SECR into a 3-compartment brake vehicle around 1911, and ran until 1935.   It was sold, along with LSWR Saloon No.25, and "The Coaches" in Yarcombe was constructed around them, and from where they were both recovered to the Bluebell Railway in 2005, when the property was redeveloped.

Between 1950 and 1978 the carriages were occupied by Nelson (who died in 1966) and Gladys Long, and the Bluebell Railway were pleased to have two of their nieces, Jenny and Mary, and Jenny's husband Diego, with them for the relaunch.   The sisters were able to share their memories of visiting their Aunt and Uncle, and hence these two carriages, in the 1950s.   Jenny Dal Bello is seen in the third photo above presenting Tony Clements and Dave Clarke with photos, provided by one of their cousins, showing the carriages at Yarcombe in 1977.

The first photo was part of the planning application made in 2005, showing the bungalow prior to demolition.

The second photo, taken by Richard Salmon, shows the carriage in the condition it was in when it arrived at the Bluebell Railway in 2005.

Yarcombe's Defibrillator

The defibrillator is now 'up and running' at the Jubilee Hall, in a cabinet on the front wall to the right hand side of the main door.  Should you need to use it just go to the hall and collect it from the cabinet.  There will be more information about its use in the August 2016 issue of Yarcombe Voices and replicated here.

Paul Nally will be in the Jubilee Hall to explain how to use the defibrillator at about 2.30p.m. after the Community Lunch on Wednesday 13th July 2016 and also at the Village Market on Saturday 9th at about 10.30a.m. for half an hour.


Messages from overseas


We are a couple of seniors from Canada, who visited the Yarcombe Inn quite by chance in August 2013 and did not at that time have the knowledge of the historical significance of the Inn.   We just learned of the closure of the Inn and we are absolutely devastated by it.   We found the Inn and the surrounding area incredibly beautiful.   Closing it is such a waste.

Alicia Dulce Santos


Just wanted to introduce myself to all who read Yarcombe Voices.   I am James and I work with Joanne the Carer who lives in Drakes Meadow, Yarcombe.   I do odd jobs and fix things and do gardening for a couple of her clients in their own home.    I understand from a lovely lady who Joanne visits that your gardener, Luke, has recently left the area and that a few of you are looking for a replacement.

I live just outside of Chard, just by Cricket St. Thomas estate and I have a few clients that I visit on a weekly and monthly basis for gardening, odd jobs and call-outs when the elderly ones have no electric or water and want someone they can rely on to come and have a look as soon as possible even in the middle of the night just to reassure them all is well.

I am trying to build my business and the opportunity to help and do gardening for all concerned in this area would be a great opportunity for me.   I am trustworthy, loyal, reliable and friendly and cheap at only £10 per hour.    I work days, evenings and weekends so whichever would suit. I have all my own tools and lawn mowers, I can do stripes or normal grass cutting, weeding, pruning, hedge trimming and any other general tasks .... just ask and I will do it.

I have 3 years' experience in gardening.    I am qualified in tree felling and pruning.    I am also qualified as a carpenter and I love making things from trees and also things for the garden from reclaimed materials.

I have just completed a project in Winsham where I had to renovate a concrete cow shed ... you may laugh ..... into a 4-bedroom eco-passive house of which I did 75 percent by myself and also to a timescale as Grand Designs were filming the project from start to finish (photographs available for anyone to see).

So if anyone would like a chat or a home visit to meet me and to discuss anything you require from my services then please feel free to call me on 07751 346214.

Kind regards and best wishes to you all

James Lindsay-White.


Yarcombe Skittles League - Would You Like to Join?

Do you enjoy a social night out, meeting others from around the village, light hearted banter and maybe catching up on bits of local news, and a little refreshment?   If you can answer yes to any of the latter you may like to join us next season.   If yes to more than three you definitely should!

Experience is not a requirement - all that is needed is the ability to chuck a wooden ball at a group of wooden stumps and of course if you can hit them all well and good.   We don’t take our skittling too seriously (well not that seriously anyway) and play around once every two to three weeks.   The season starts around mid September through to March.

Last season was the first time we didn’t have our own ‘local’ to play in and used the alleys at The Sidmouth Arms Upottery and The Cotley Inn Wambrook.   It turned out to be a very successful season and enjoyed warm hospitality and great suppers at both venues.   Not knowing the future of the Yarcombe Inn we plan on playing at the same venues next season.

If you would like to join us or have a chat about it please call me on 01404-861594 or email.

Jon Stockwell


Make sure your rubbish is in your wheelie bin.

Since introducing the new waste and recycling scheme East Devon District Council have advised us that they have had occurrences of side waste (waste not contained in the wheeled bin/gull sack) being put out and causing littering and some disquiet amongst residents who are working within the criteria set.

In order to address this they have started to place stickers on the wheeled bins/gull sacks. Unfortunately this will be placed on all bins which means even those who have been doing things correctly will have stickers on their bins. When this occurs on this first occasion all side waste will be removed so that householders have a clear base to start from on the next collection.

On the following collections side waste will be left and stickered. This will escalate with letters being sent, visits by waste officers and the possibility of fixed penalty notices being issued further down the line.

Householders have made fantastic effort in increasing East Devon’s recycling which in the 1st quarter of this financial year was over 50% and also the amount of waste going to landfill has decreased by over 30% since the scheme was introduced.

Yarcombe Parish Council on behalf of East Devon District Council



The Oil Syndicate is run by Colin Stewart who can be contacted by telephone on 01297-792538 or by email.

Orders can be placed by the 25th of each month with a view of arranging delivery at the beginning of the following month.   Please specify the quantity required in litres, whether or not a "top up" is requested, so that the oil supplier will have an indication as to the size of our order to obtain the most competitive quote.

During the summer months an order will be tendered once a month and demand will be guaged.   During the winter months it is intended to tender orders every three weeks or as demand dictates, therefore in addition to the deadline of the 25th there will probably be a further order deadline date possibly two weeks later.

Crude oil prices are continuing their very gradual upward trend and the price in May 2015 is just over $60 a barrel, corresponding to a domestic oil price of around 38p per litre.   It follows that the price we finally pay is determined by the size of our order.