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This is the title of our village magazine which gives local news, forthcoming activities and events, topical articles, travel diaries, reports from council meetings plus other village associations and much much more.  It also has a  lively and sometimes very vociferous letters section.   The magazine is edited and produced by Miranda Gudenian, 01404-861387.
Advertisements posted for a small fee will also appear on the website's Classified Ads page.
Anyone wanting a copy can contact Mary Smith on 01404-861541.   Alternatively contact your local distributor or Jill Dyer.   One year's supply can be procured for only 6 - guaranteed to keep you in touch with Parish events, countryside life and other snippets of great interest!  
  Cheques may be sent to:   Items for publication can be emailed, left in the posting box in the Church, or sent to:
  Jill Dyer     The Beacon
  12 Broadwell Close     Yarcombe
  Combe St Nicholas     Honiton
  Somerset     Devon

TA20 3PB


EX14 9LU

Back issues can be downloaded below:


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2017 *      

Yarcombe Inn Special Edition *

Back issues will normally be available three or four months after their date of publication ....