The Yarcombe Inn



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Below are the Minutes of the Yarcombe Inn Community Benefit Society Limited's AGM which was held on 29th September 2020:

The Parish Council's application for the pub to be classified as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) has been approved and the ACV now remains active until 2025.


The pub is currently owned by Eagleyed Ltd, a company with no apparent internet presence, run by Martin Bayntun - see the Gumtree ad.   Blue Alpine have also advertised - both companies have addresses in Pinner.   A third company, SLS Properties in South London has also acted as agents.



Your attention should be drawn to the historic significance of The Yarcombe Inn within this community and indeed nationally.   Since the time of the listing of The Yarcombe Inn (formerly known as The Angel Inn), much archeological research has taken place.   Mrs Ruth Everitt, historian and author of the book From Monks to The Millennium, spent many years after the publication of her book continuing her research into the history of the Parish of Yarcombe.   It was clear from ancient documents both in the public domain and in private ownership that The Yarcombe Inn was in use some 900 years ago as a Church House providing succour for wayfarers, a tradition that has continued to this day.   Sadly Mrs Everitt is no longer alive to provide the precise details of this research; however, she found conclusive evidence that this Church House provided shelter in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries for the many pilgrims who came to visit and pray at the monastic house of St Michael Hall that stood near the river Yarty, before travelling to Newnham Abbey, Glastonbury, Salisbury, Winchester, Chichester and finally to their destination at Canterbury.

During internal building repairs to The Yarcombe Inn in the mid-1990s The Yarcombe Horse was discovered. This important corbel made of Ham Hill stone is of a horse wearing a halter made from twisted rope.   It is very rare evidence for the style of horse equipment used in Devon during the Norman period and is one of the earliest depictions in stone within the British Isles of a horse wearing a rope halter.   It is thought that it has its origins either in the church previous to the present medieval Church of St John the Baptist, or is from St Michael Hall.   The sculpture resides at present in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter.

Our historic buildings, be they stately or vernacular, are an integral part of our national identity.   Certainly much of the fabric of The Yarcombe Inn is perhaps no more than four hundred years old but there are parts of it which together with its history make it a building of significant historical interest and importance, not just within the Parish of Yarcombe and the County of Devon but nationally as well.