Pictures supplied by Mary Copp:



In the early 1900s it was more the norm to dress up for outside events than it is today. Even for sporting events it seemed that your Sunday best clothing was a must.

The lady on the left with the sunshade is Mary's grandmother!





Mary's Great Grandmother.  Taken in August 1930 in the garden of Waterhayne Cottage.


Crawley Cottage 




Mary's Grandparents at Hay Cottage, Yarcombe.

  Alice Poole at Waterhayne Cottage.  


Another shot of Mary's Grandparents at Grovewell with Mary's father Jim and brother Tony.




Grovewell again, with Mary's mother and brother Tony.




Left: Tony and Mary navigating their liners along the stream at Pladford bridge in the 1950s.


Right: Mary in patriotic pose for the Coronation, 1953.




The winter of 1963


Catching eels, 1958ish.  Left to right: Tony, Raymond Chick, Edna Chick, Jim Larcombe, Andrew Chick, Mary




Mary with mother and grandmother with Frank & Dorothy Baker


Mary and Tony with parents Hilda & Jim.



In the days when Yarcombe had a shop!   1970s, perhaps.


A shot of The Belfry taken at the same time.



  Work begins on the first house in Drakes Meadow, 1990s.  

Workers' portacabin being relocated.


Three photographs (above, right) taken during construction of the car park opposite the Village Hall, circa 1988.




The tight bend on the A30 in the centre of Yarcombe has been the cause of several accidents in recent times.   The first three pictures from the 1990s were taken after a lorry completely overturned, spilling its goods into residents' gardens and ending up straddled across the crash barrier.   In the fourth picture a milk lorry comes to similar grief.





Yarcombe Womens' Institute in the early 1970s



Back row:    Mary Baker,  ...?...,  Dulcie Rich,  Dorothy Miller,  Doris Podbery,  Yvonne Bond,  Monica Jeffery

Middle row:   Olive Dyer,  Rose Bond,  Nellie Rich,  Peggy Doble,  Mrs Larcombe,  Hilda Larcombe,  ...?...,  ...?...

Front row:   Ethel Hoare,  Vera Chick,  Tiny Hopwood,  Rosie Clarke,  Dorothy Baker,  Mary Hemmings,  Mrs Le Cortnels


1995: In the Village Hall car park, local WI members celebrate the institute's existence since 1920.







Looking down from the A30 west of the village.


A similar view taken a shorter distance from the village during renovation of the church tower.


1 & 2 Hillhouse Cottages


Bike race.   A convoy of cyclists on the A30, year unknown.


Chard Concert Brass Band leading the members of the Yarcombe and Membury Royal British Legion to the church for the Remembrance Day Service, year unknown.


Around 1982: Wheelbarrow racing.


A Terrier Racing Evening in the 1980s.

The Photographs above have been kindly supplied by Mary Copp

Below are 6 shots of Lower Pithayne from August 2019 taken by Peter Tarrant.


Rosshayne Farm from above



Thanks to Andy & Erica Podbery for these three photographs of Rosshayne Farm taken from a hot air balloon in October 2014





The local cricket team in the mid-1980s.

Standing, left to right:  Tony Spiller, Ian Rich, Brian Rowland, Gerald Copp, David Hole, Barry Harris.

Kneeling, left to right:  Clive Butler, David Kelly, Richard Webb, Gerald Lye (Capn), Raymond Moore


These photographs, presumed to be scanned copies, may have been loaned to the pub during the Community-run days and for several years were posted on the Messages/News webpage with an appeal for information.   In March 2021 the mystery was solved:

Clive Doble writes:   I can confirm that the photos are of Doris and Tom Podbery at Rosshayne Farm.   I lived at Broadley Hill for my first 26 years, which is just under a mile walk up over the hill to the north.   Doris came from Plymouth with her son Keith Pawley as a house keeper for Tom and his Brother Bill.   Eventually she married Tom and they had Andrew who now lives with his family at Rosshayne.





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