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Photographs - Page 6

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Circa 1935:

Local farmers queue at the Yarcombe Inn to pay their land rent.


The farmer below

is Shirley Briant's grandfather!


Above: Fete photograph taken around 1946. Believed to be (left to right): Gillian Barnard, Pamela Broad, Barbara Salvidge, Joan Dyer and Barbara Leach.


  Postcards, perhaps from the mid-1930s.




A school photograph believed to have been taken around the time of the First World War, about which little else is known unfortunately.   Can anyone name names?


A school photo taken in front of the houses opposite the Yarcombe Inn around 1916

 The girl with a bow in her hair is Shirley Briant's mother.

See Harding's shop in the background.



Many of the same children as above in this school photograph taken in 1919.

  Gathering hay in the days before technology took over!

Shirley's father is central, at the rear.


These two photographs are believed to have been taken in the old hay barn at Underdown.

  Local sheep shearing early in the 20th Century.  



Pretending the water's not cold.


The foundations of the Jubilee Hall are laid by David Meyrick's grandmother. The Hall was opened on Empire Day, 24th May, 1938.


This was taken outside the Yarcombe Inn during the first World War.



The photographs above were kindly provided by Shirley Briant. 




  The two postcard photographs above were provided by Ruth Everitt.   The first shows the church and Yarcombe Inn and judging by the single car in view was probably taken in the 1960s or even later.   The second was published in 1933 and was taken from the hills north of the A30, east of the village, part of which can be seen in the distance on the right.  

Above: Probably the earliest picture of the Yarcombe Inn, judging by the quality!

This is currently on display in the Inn.

This photograph is on display at the Yarcombe Inn and was apparently taken shortly after a similar one shown above. It shows local farmers queuing to pay land rents.    



The four postcard photographs below were kindly supplied by Michael Rich.

Postmarks found relate to the date of posting so the photographs themselves could originate even further back.

They all date back at least 100 years!



Above: This is a view taken from the church tower in or before 1908.   The school on the right (now The Belfry Hotel) is the most prominent feature and the light-coloured building behind the houses in the centre of the photograph is the old slaughterhouse.   Some of the dwellings running alongside the school are instantly recognisable.   Note the stylish agricultural equipment in the foreground (see extract, right).


The Yarcombe Inn in or before 1904.



  Yarcombe on a 1910 postcard photograph taken from fields to the south.   An unusual angle, possibly showing features (such as a large tree) which no longer exists.   Further information on this to follow.  



  Another good shot of Yarcombe's one and only shop (above), now in residential use.   The photograph was taken in 1904 or before.


An even better photograph of the shop and presumably, the proprietors, supplied by Steve Horner.   Year unknown.

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