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Links on this page may be used to contact members of the Steering Group

The Parish Council invoked the spirit of Yarcombe’s Got Talent to put together the village’s most high powered team to spearhead the campaign to fight to save the pub.

In a mere six weeks since the public meeting which gave the Council its unanimous mandate to bid for The Yarcombe Inn events – all highly positive -  have unfurled at a breakneck pace.   However, the most important has been the creation of the Project Steering Group whose composition embodies a formidable array of vitally important professional skills, disciplines and expertise if the campaign is to be successful.

Under the leadership of Parish Council chairman, Nick Randle, the Yarcombe Inn Community Project Committee has been organised into three distinct arms, each with its own clear role and objective, to achieve

·        Procurement of the Building

·        Renovation of the Building to National Heritage Standards

·        Sustained, successful operation of the building as a Community Enterprise

Mechanisms by which to attain the goals have been identified and with a deadline of Nov 18th by which to finalise any purchase, work is going flat out on all fronts by project group members and committee secretary, retired businessman, Steve Horner, to raise the necessary cash, drum up local, regional and national support and put in place detailed and workable plans for the future. 


Procurement Sub Group:

Lead by Merv Edgecombe, this team comprises Nick Randle, Dennis Abel, Peter Tarrant and Miranda Gudenian and for much of the campaign period its role will be to raise substantial awareness and publicity about saving The Yarcombe Inn to enable fund raising targets to be hit via major grant applications, a crowd funding programme, sponsorship and generous donations from supporters, sympathetic groups, companies and organisations

Merv is a former Fleet Street journalist and PR/marketing specialist with a wide range of media contacts at all levels; Miranda needs no introduction as the renowned editor of Yarcombe Voices whilst Peter is a social media specialist who set up the village web site and who has created a special section on the fight to save the pub as well as dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages, plus the SaveTheYarcombeInn email account which may still be used register interest in our campaign.

Nick, whose career has been in local government, has a formidable network of community leaders and decision makers at every level whilst Dennis, a hard headed auditor and top line company accountant, will keep the team grounded and properly structured and focused.


Enterprise Sub Group:

Dennis Abel heads this team whose role and objective is to identify how best to establish The Yarcombe Inn site as an innovative, sustainable community enterprise providing benefit and amenity to Yarcombe and Marsh residents, to those from the wider hinterland of East Devon, South Somerset and West Dorset as well as visitors and tourists to the Blackdown Hills.

Also in the team are local businessman Jon Stockwell along with community arts and events specialist, Maggie Tomkinson and property developer, Mervyn Woolcott

Their role, as well as developing ideas and commercial plans for the site, will be to come up with the most robust and efficient structure by which the whole scheme can be best operated and managed in the long term on behalf of the village.


Renovation Sub Group:

Lead by Clive Stone, a building industry veteran and specialist in sensitive heritage work, the team includes Mervyn Woolcott, Jon Stockwell and Dennis Abel.

Their objective and role is positively inspiring – to define how the fabric of the ancient pub building should be restored and refurbished to 21st Century standards which will reflect its distinguished heritage whilst creating an  outstanding ambiance as a venue and focal centrepiece for both Yarcombe and the wider community. 

Already they have opened up links and are working with organisations such as English Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, Public Works Loan Board and East Devon District Council to explore grants and specialist expertise that might be available as well as guidance and oversight on how such sensitive work should be best implemented.

Composition of both the sub groups and overall Project Committee is a mixture of parish councillors and community representatives with the clear intention to co-opt more members from the community as and when a particular expertise or specialist help and insight is required. Anyone who thinks they have a skill or specialism which might help should contact Steve Horner or Nick Randle.