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How much and where is the money coming from? 

How much will it cost and where is the money going to come from are the two burning questions at the forefront of the campaign to save The Yarcombe Inn.   So what are the answers?

At this early stage of the campaign it is difficult for the Project Steering Group to be precise on figures because so many inter-dependent factors and issues are still to be pinned down, especially in relation to surveys which are still to be conducted on the fabric of the building.

Everybody is aware that an asking price of £385,000 has been put on the premises but before the Steering Group’s procurement team can even countenance commencing negotiations it must appoint its own independent valuer to come up with a figure as well as a surveyor to check on the current renovation works and a second, specialist heritage surveyor to advise on the scale and cost of restoring the ancient building to full national listed building standards and status.

What is certain is that this work will be extensive and expensive so this will be a significant factor in the purchase negotiations.

However, purchasing and then significantly renovating the building are not the only costs envisaged by the Project Steering Group – there is also the question of start-up investment for the planned Community Enterprise co-operative to manage and run the premises as multi-unit commercial operation.

All of this will eventually be detailed and costed by the Enterprise and Renovation sub groups with the figures publicly released when appropriate in the fund raising campaign.

All of which leads to the question of where will these funds come from.

Listed below are just some of the ways that the Project Steering Group has come up with so far:

  • Major Crowdfunding Campaign – now launched with a dedicated website aimed at securing support and funding from individual members of the community and anyone in East Devon, or elsewhere who cares about the pub and wants to see this quest succeed. Large and small organisations, companies, and interested groups are also asked to donate. If we have a good response to the community campaign then large grant givers will be more likely to help us.   Any amount can be pledged and we plan to recognise all Friends of the Yarcombe Inn when the pub is reopened.

  • Community Enterprise Grants – a bid for funding has already been submitted to the Plunkett Foundation along with another to the East Devon District Council. Several others are also being lined up with research going on constantly to find more routes to potential cash.

  • Heritage Funding – an application for significant financial support and specialist advice and mentoring has been made to the Heritage Lottery Fund with another application being prepared for the Public Works Loan Board. Other funding sources in this sphere are being intensively researched too.