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Get Involved !!

Getting involved, donating money, organising an event 

Having read about the progress being achieved by the Project Steering Group, there will be many throughout the community who will want to throw their weight, support and cash behind the campaign.   Some may opt to simply donate money, others will have ideas about how best to run The Yarcombe Inn hub should the fight be successful whilst there will be those hardy souls who will want to organise a fund raising event or project.

So how do you do it?

In all matters it is best to go to the Yarcombe village website which has now been specially re-designed to put the pages relating to The Yarcombe Inn campaign at its forefront.   Here you can submit your ideas and thoughts to the Project Steering Group or notify them about events to support their fund raising campaign. If help is required then one of the Procurement and Publicity team will come back to you.

It is here that you can also enrol to become a Friend of the Yarcombe Inn.   The website also displays the all important link to the Crowdfunding campaign that the Project Steering Group has launched for those wanting to donate anything from £1 upwards to our efforts to purchase the pub premises.   Even a small donation helps tremendously, as it raises the number of supporters and encourages large funding organisations to become involved!   (See the  Donate  link above.)

And finally, those with Facebook and/or Twitter accounts can search for “Yarcombe Inn” and become a Facebook Friend or a Follower on Twitter to receive the latest information.   You can then help by liking and/or sharing the information received with your own Facebook Friends or by retweeting the information to your own Twitter Followers.

Whichever way you prefer to do it     PLEASE GIVE US YOUR SUPPORT!!!!