Grass being gathered for silage


Coronavirus Update


Grass being gathered for silage




This is a temporary webpage providing information for local residents during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.   It will include appeals for and offers of help, contacts, a history/summary of bulletins sent via e-Voices (duplications removed) and other useful articles.   In general it is not intended to reproduce items broadcast on national TV or in the press (although links may be included) unless they are particularly relevant to Yarcombe and its residents.

THE INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA SITES IN PARTICULAR are prone to the unregulated sharing of myths about the virus.   In most instances those sharing are only trying to be helpful, but if the information is false the result is anything but that - so even if it comes from your very best friend, please don't add to the problem by spreading unverified reports.   Here is a useful page on the WHO (World Health Organisation) website.   Others are listed in the item dated 25th March below.   If what you're checking for isn't found, enter a few relevant words along with 'myth', 'fake' or 'hoax'  into your browser and follow the links to reputable websites it finds.

See these national websites:  WHO NHS , BBC, and these local websites:  DCC, EDDC, SCC  for useful information.

Stay safe, stay happy with this lighthearted video clip on social distancing   (virus checked)



27th March 2020  -  YARCOMBE SKITTLES

The Skittles Finals Night and all league and cup competitions are suspended until further notice.


Complete Meats (owned by the Vining family who live in Yarcombe) have started a home delivery service - telephone 01297-33282 (see details, left).

Christine Parris (eggs, cheese, cream) can be contacted on 01404-861207.

Lorna Burdge (pork, sausages etc) can be contacted on 07966-583896.

Philip Pearce, fishmonger, will be in the village each Wednesday as usual. If you would like to be added to his delivery round please telephone him on 07831-368798.

Ganesha, the health shop in Honiton, has started a home delivery service and regularly comes to Yarcombe.   Telephone 01404-43225.

The Churchinford Community Shop - 01823-601026 - will take card payments over the telephone (they don't hold card details which are taken and then destroyed after the transaction has gone through).   Then you can just go to Churchinford and pick up your shopping.

Barleymows Farm Shop is open as usual and is well stocked.   You can pre-order, pay over the telephone and then collect in the car park; give the shop a phone call when you arrive and someone will bring your oder out to you so you don't need to get out of the car.   Alternatively if several orders from Yarcombe/Marsh are made (phone Barleymows and pay individually) then perhaps a volunteer could go and collect the orders and either deliver them to a single point in the village for people to collect or deliver them to your home.  Telephone Barleymows on 01460-62130.

Kings Arms Inn, Stockland - click below (to expand and view in a separate window) details of takeaways and food for your freezer.  01404-881686.





There will not be a paper copy of Yarcombe Voices until further notice.   At present my plan is to produce a magazine, possibly a combined April/May issue, and it will be available to you in PDF format.   An electronic version of the Parishes' Paper can be found on the Five Alive Mission Community website.   Please either go to the Home page and click the link there or click here to go there directly.


27th March 2020  -  CUPPA & CHAT

Cuppa and Chat is cancelled until more than two people are allowed to meet together.


27th March 2020  -  GARDEN CENTRES

Combe Garden Centre in Honiton is now closed, though all orders already placed will be delivered.

Otter Nurseries is closed.


27th March 2020  -  YARCOMBE POST OFFICE

Closed until further notice.


27th March 2020  -  DEVON CHURCHES

All Church buildings in Devon are now closed for the foreseeable future, by the direction of the Bishop of Exeter.

A message from the Diocese
"Further to the Government having to impose further restrictions on all gatherings and to discourage all unnecessary travel in order to try and curtail the virus, the Church of England has instructed that all churches and places of worship should be closed with immediate effect until further notice in order to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.   Sadly, this will also apply to private prayer.   There can be no weddings or Baptisms taking place until further notice.   There will be further information with regard to funerals.   At present they can only be held at the graveside with only very close family present who will be expected to adhere to the distancing guidelines which are in place.   Crematoriums will need to be consulted individually as to what their regulations will be in this instance.   We apologise for these steps having to be taken but will keep everyone updated as and when we can”.



Peter Tarrant has created a coronavirus page on the village website, filled with information relevant to Yarcombe and Marsh.   Go to the home page and follow the link in the list on the left or the red text "Click here for local information on the Coronavirus outbreak".


27th March 2020  -  VILLAGE HELPLINE

The Yarcombe and Marsh community is renowned for its volunteering spirit and that spirit of public service is needed now.   We ask for volunteers - especially members of the younger age groups - who would be willing to help those who might require assistance during this period, to help out with things such as collecting prescriptions, doing shopping, dog walking, posting letters and so forth. If you would be willing to help, please would you phone Judith on 07874-221587 with your name and contact details. Thank you.


27th March 2020  -  MARSH TOGETHER

Marsh Together is a group of volunteers who will help those who are self-isolating or who require assistance in the Marsh community during the present crisis.   They can help with shopping, prescription collections, posting mail and other urgent needs.   They are also looking for volunteers to join the group so if you can help or if you need assistance please see the attached poster below, or phone or text one of the following numbers: 07730-340508 / 07833-141711 / 07702-154500.


27th March 2020  -  PHONE HACKS

Do not open a video called Martinelli as it will hack your phone. Also BBC Radio has said do not open a video called The Dance of the Pope.   Thanks, Pam, for telling me about this.

Admin footnote:   These are believed to be hoaxes.   Check on the fact checking websites, links at the top of the webpage.


27th March 2020  -  DEVON LIBRARIES

Libraries & Mobile Library - future services:   "To keep our staff, volunteers and customers safe and healthy we’ve taken the decision to close our physical sites in Devon and Torbay from the end of Friday 20th March, and suspend our public events.   We will suspend our Devon mobile library service in line with our physical building closures....

Over the coming weeks we will continue to offer as many online services as we possibly can so that our libraries remain open to everyone, wherever you are in Devon and Torbay.   We will be working hard to maintain this access during these unprecedented times and will be developing new offerings to help support our local communities.

You can read their latest news here.    email     Tel: 01884-824546



You can check the validity of dubious claims and news items (on most topics, including Coronavirus) on the websites listed here.   The list may be increased as more are identified.   Avoid offers to download unwanted or unnecessary software.    

21st March 2020  -  THE YARCOMBE INN 

Many of you will have read the message winged round yesterday evening from Luke and Anie Davis Keogh as they closed The Yarcombe Inn in line with the Government's emergency regulations.   "It's been a pleasure," they said, "and we'll see you anon."   We certainly hope we will see Luke and Anie anon; however, there is a spoke in the wheel despite the pledge from the Government of a three-month rent holiday for private renters such as the Davis Keogh family.  Luke and Anie need some £6,000 to help pay rent, utility bills, brewery bills and so on, to keep the pub alive so that when this crisis is over The Yarcombe Inn can re-open and thrive. 

The Yarcombe Inn is Luke and Anie's family home as well as their business.  Several members of this community have pointed out to me that a Facebook crowdfunding page has been set up to raise the £6,000.   So far, £2,700 has been pledged and so, if you would like to help Luke, Anie, their children and The Yarcombe Inn, here is the link to the crowdfunder page   You can donate anonymously, by the way. 

I am very aware of the many local businesses for whom this crisis is having a devastating effect.   However, so much community time and money has been poured into trying to save The Yarcombe Inn over the past few years that it would be sad if Luke and Anie were forced to permanently close the pub.  The ancient building is the secular heart of the village and its survival paramount for village life in the future, when the 'blue skies drive the dark clouds far away'.



Pete and Sarah at Slades in Honiton would like to reassure all their loyal customers in the area that they remain open and well-stocked, so do continue shopping with them.  For those of you who may not know, Slades is in Gloucester Crescent, Heathpark Industrial Estate, Honiton.  Phone 01404-45966.  



Devon’s town and parish councils are at the heart of our communities.   Now more than ever, your role is vital in helping people through this coronavirus pandemic.   We are committed to working together to give you the support you need to ensure that Devon’s communities get through this outbreak.   We have pledged to doing everything in our power to help you directly and to support our communities to find ways to respond quickly and positively for everyone’s benefit.   We know what makes Devon special – it’s the people, and many of them have already leapt into action to offer help and to look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours and those who may be self-isolating.

Towns and parish councils are among those setting up volunteer schemes to ensure people receive essential support.   We want to work alongside you to build on this and support the community response that’s being established.   We are going to develop a picture of what’s going on across Devon in order to share good practice.   If you are already doing something in your local area or are establishing a community response group, or if you know of local initiatives, then please let us know by filling out this form so that we know where help is being offered.

We have set up COVID-19 helpline, supported by Devon Communities Together to support parish and town councils and the Devon Village Halls Networks in your local community response and resilience activities.   The helpline will be open from 9am on Monday 23rd March and will be staffed 9am to 5pm on weekdays for the foreseeable future.   Please telephone 01392-248919 or email   Please also visit Devon Communities Together’s community resilience web page

We are in this together, and by standing shoulder to shoulder, we will get through this together.      Together #WeAreDevon


20th March 2020  -  MARSH TOGETHER

Marsh Together is a group of volunteers who will help those who are self-isolating or who require assistance in the Marsh community during the present crisis.   They can help with shopping, prescription collections, posting mail and other urgent needs.   They are also looking for volunteers to join the group so if you can help or if you need assistance please see the attached poster below, or phone or text one of the following numbers: 07730-340508 / 07833-141711 / 07702-154500.



Katie Thomson will be collecting prescriptions from Churchinford surgery on Tuesdays.  If anyone needs a prescription collected that day please phone 07927-125508. If you live in Marsh, John Middleton and the Marsh Together group will be able to assist you.



Christine Parris (eggs, cheese, cream) can be contacted on 01404-861207.   Lorna Burdge (pork, sausages etc) can be contacted on 07966-583896.   Philip Pearce, fishmonger, will be in the village on Wednesday as usual.   If you would like to be added to his delivery round please phone him on 07831-368798.


Combe Garden Centre in Honiton closed on 25th March, so the offer below is no longer available.

Combe Garden Centre in Honiton is Combe Garden Centre in Honiton is offering a free garden delivery service for orders over £20.   They will deliver as far as Yarcombe and not charge. However, if anyone from Marsh would like to place an order, they can still do so but it will cost them £12 for delivery.   A local Yarcombe resident on 07874-221587 has kindly offered to have Marsh orders delivered to her house and they can be collected from her porch.   Combe Garden Centre - telephone: 01404-515600.

20th March 2020  -  MARSH FLYER

My name is John Middleton and along with my wife, son and daughter in law we live in Marsh.   In the light of the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in we have offered to help those elderly and vulnerable neighbours who live in the village.     Above is a flyer which has been posted in the neighbourhood.   In addition we have also set up a Facebook page*.   If you deem it appropriate please feel free to publish on the Yarcombe website and include in the next edition of Yarcombe Voices.   We would also be grateful if this flyer could be circulated amongst the councillors and hopefully they could circulate to those contacts that they may have in Marsh.   Should anyone wish to discuss further please feel free to call me on 07833 141711.   Best Wishes at this difficult time.

John Middleton
3 Marsh Cottages
EX14 9AJ

* Footnote:  Awaiting details of Facebook page (@marshtogether not found)

18th March 2020  -  SHORT MAT BOWLS

Please note that Short Mat Bowls has been cancelled until further notice. 


18th March 2020  -  DEEP CLEANING SERVICE

In addition, Mike Christian of MC Commercial Cleaning (see his advertisement on page 18 of the March issue of Yarcombe Voices) has emailed to tell me that he now does deep cleaning for coronavirus on residential houses and businesses.


18th March 2020  -  ANY HELP NEEDED?

We are new to Yarcombe, moved here last summer.   My husband and I are keen to help any of the residents less able to get about in these uncertain times.   One of us usually pops to a shop at least every other day and are happy to help with shopping or medicines if needed.

Emma Patten 07508-040203


Having taken advice from the Baptist Union and following the broadcast of the Archbishop of Canterbury the following will be in place at the chapel.   A short act of worship will take place on Sunday 22nd at 11am.   Everyone is welcome.   There is plenty of room to allow distancing for anyone worried about  close contact.   From then on, the chapel will be open from 11am – 12noon on every Sunday morning until at least June 14th, when it is hoped that normal services can resume.   Should you wish to come along on a Sunday morning, we can share scripture and prayer with anyone who wishes to or simply provide a calm place for quiet thought and reflection.

Thelma Clarke



If your household is affected by the Coronavirus any waste materials that you come in contact with need to be handled carefully before they are collected to help prevent further spread of the virus.

Please ensure you adhere to the following –

All contaminated items you produce, including tissues, cleaning cloths and wipes and masks, need to be put into a plastic bag.   Tie the top of the bag to prevent escape of the material.

Put the bag inside another bin liner and tie the top of the bag.

Keep the bagged waste for a period of 72 hours in a place that cannot be accessed by other people or pets.

Put the bag in your wheeled waste bin (or gull sack if you use one) for safe collection by our crew.   The bagged waste must be contained in your wheeled bin and the bin put out in your normal collection point.   Do not put the bag on the kerb-side where people could have contact with it.

If you have an assisted collection, bag the waste as described above, and put it out in your usual assisted collection point in your wheeled bin or gull sack.



You will not be surprised to hear that we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s Community Lunch because of the latest Coronavirus advice.   However, the charity we were going to support, the Lord’s Larder Food Bank in Chard, are very short of food with an increased need.   So if you would like to take any donations of non perishable food to the Hall from 10am tomorrow morning there will be boxes to put them in.   Donations of money can be dropped into Lin Box or into my letterbox at Glebe Farm.   Lin works in the Food Bank and will take all that we give into Chard next week.   I do hope the lunches will start again when the pandemic is over.   Keep well!   With best wishes Mary & Lesley


17th March 2020  -  PILATES CLASSES

In light of the coronavirus concerns, I have decided that for the time being I am going to suspend all classes until further notice.   I think this is the wisest way forwards as we want to keep everyone safe.   Instead, I will be mainly teaching small groups in their own homes and continuing with my 1-1/duets sessions and I believe I will take this to online workouts before too long due to this virus but I will so miss the lovely atmosphere that the group classes provide!   Hopefully, classes will resume soon! (I have emailed all the attendees too).   Stay healthy and many blessings to you.   Annabel

17th March 2020  -  CHURCH SERVICES

Jean Rich, Churchwarden: Sunday Church services will be suspended until further notice.   The Church of England website gives more details and includes prayers for the grave situation we find ourselves in.


16th March 2020  -  VOLUNTEER APPEAL 

We are going to be facing an extremely challenging time in the weeks ahead.    The Yarcombe and Marsh community is renowned for its volunteering spirit and that spirit of public service is needed now.   We ask for volunteers - and especially members of the younger age groups - who would be willing to help those who might require assistance during this period, to help out with things such as collecting prescriptions, doing shopping, dog walking and so forth.   If you would be willing to help, please would you phone 07874-221587 and supply your name and contact details so that a list can be collated of people to call on if necessary.   Thank you.


15th March 2020  - ENROL FOR E-VOICES 

Most people in the Parish of Yarcombe and Marsh receive e-Voices.   It will be an important way to communicate in the months ahead.   If you should know of anyone who does not receive e-Voices but who has access to a computer, do please ask them if they would like to be included on my list of recipients.   Warmest good wishes, Miranda.


15th March 2020  - SCAM WARNING

Please be aware that there are already a number of scams circulating which are attempting to con people out of money for non-existent supplies of face masks and hand sanitisers.


15th March 2020  - NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH

Below is an email which the Parish Council has received from Neighbourhood Watch, encouraging communities to protect the isolated and vulnerable during the coronavirus outbreak:

Dear Neighbourhood Watch supporters,

You will all be aware of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.   Neighbourhood Watch exists to look out for communities across England and Wales and at a time like this we encourage you to consider ways to keep yourself, your loved ones and those in your community safe, particularly the isolated and vulnerable. We are following the advice from the government and encourage you to do the same: Government Advice here.

10 ways you, as a Neighbourhood Watch supporter, can protect yourself, your loved ones and your community:

1. Meet with household members, other relatives, friends and neighbours to discuss what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community and what the needs of each person will be.

2. If your neighbourhood has a website or social media page, consider joining it to maintain access to neighbours, information, and resources. Alternatively, share phone numbers and email addresses particularly with those who are isolated or vulnerable.

3. Consider establishing a ‘buddy’ system within your community to ensure everyone stays connected to COVID-19 related news, services and can receive support safely, such as essentials deliveries.

4. Plan ways to care for those who might be at greater risk for serious complications.

5. Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy.

6. Learn how to self-isolate. Guidance can be found on the NHS website:

7. Create a list of local organisations that you and your neighbours can contact in the event that one of you need access to information, healthcare services, support, or resources. Consider including organisations that provide mental health or counselling services, food, and other supplies.

8. Create an emergency contact list of family, friends, neighbours, healthcare providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.

9. Learn about the emergency operations plan at your child’s school or childcare facility, and your employer’s emergency operations plan.

10. Practice everyday preventive actions including regular hand washing.

   1. The NHS provides guidance on how to wash hands:

   2. The World Health Organisation provides guidance on basic protective measures:

   3. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidance on handwashing for families

Please note: whilst we encourage you to follow advice from UK Government we are also sharing links to organisations such as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention an agency which works 24/7 to protect the safety, health, and security of America from threats here and around the world. Some of our key points above have been sourced from:

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also published (14th February 2020) Interim Guidance for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Homes and Residential Communities which you may find useful:

Regards and keep well,

Central Support Team at Neighbourhood Watch

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH NETWORK      Building Safer and Stronger Communities     Email:

Follow us..



13th March 2020  -  VOLUNTEER APPEAL 

It seems as though we may be facing a rather challenging time in the weeks ahead.   A decision has been made to set up a village helpline for those who might need assistance during this period, to help out with things such as collecting a prescription, doing shopping, dog walking, posting letters and so forth.   To begin with, we need volunteers from the wonderful Yarcombe and Marsh community.   The organiser of the Good Neighbours' Scheme has kindly agreed to collate names.  

1) Do you make regular journeys on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, perhaps to go to work, to surgeries for appointments or to pick up prescriptions, to visit relatives, school drop offs etc, or perhaps you shop on a particular day each week.   If you do and would be willing to help, please would you phone 07874-221587 and supply your name, telephone number and details of the journeys you make, where you go and on which day and times, so that a list can be collated of willing people to call on if necessary .

2) Would you be willing to help in any other way?  If so, please phone 07874-221587 even if you are already a volunteer on the Good Neighbours' Scheme.

Further updates will follow.   Meanwhile, please be assured that many of the village activities are continuing as normal and so, unless you are told otherwise, do attend as usual unless you feel it safer not to do so.

Keep calm, carry on - and keep well.   Warmest good wishes,   Miranda